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Technically speaking
For those familiar with these technologies, Web Direct can demonstrate a number of applications using:
» HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

Take the pain out of e-marketing, and call us for a total solution.

Successful marketing relies on effective targeting, and effective targeting is dependent on accurate data.

With your current marketing system, can you..

If you need to e-market to your email lists and do not have the infrastructure or bandwidth available to send them out and generate the view and click-through results, we can help:

We can take your html or text document, personalise it, and send it to your email database, whether you want to send 100 or 500,000 emails.

We have the infrastructure and bandwidth to fulfil this process from start to finish.

We can generate the contact details of all those who have viewed (opened your email) and clicked through on any of the links in it.

We can manage your unsubscribes.

We can manage your bounce-backs, and sort them by type.

Take the pain out of e-marketing, and call us for a total solution.

  • analyse and segment your database instantly with the click of a mouse?
  • produce highly accurate mailing lists in minutes?
  • perform quick and efficient, precision-targeted direct marketing and e-marketing from your desktop?
  • automatically monitor and track e-marketing recipients behaviour to allow you to close the loop?
  • clearly measure response rates and return on investment?
  • demonstrate a detailed understanding of clients’ needs, wants and behavioural patterns?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, we can significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

An exciting and unique concept in database software has been developed specifically for marketing purposes. All organisations hold information about customers and prospects, but very few utilise this information to its potential and their marketing suffers as a result. Make sure your company isn’t one of those – with advanced analytical tools and impressive functionality, this system is the complete solution to all of your marketing information requirements.

We combine proven software development skills with established marketing knowledge and a progressive, business-led approach. The result is a set of marketing tools that are unique to your business, and are aligned with your specific objectives to deliver highly efficient, effective and profitable marketing initiatives. The process we deploy is set out below:

Define the Marketing Needs
Working in conjunction with your marketing team we create a specification for the new marketing database, based upon a 'Criteria Tree'.
Data Audit
We examine and evaluates the various databases and information sources that will feed into the new marketing database.
Data Structure
The database structure is built taking into account the types of source data available and the longer term information needs.
Design & Build of Data Feeds
Our developers create feeds to extract the relevant data from the datasources.
Data Cleansing & De-Duplication
The incoming data is de-duplicated, and address and contact information normalised.
Data Segmentation & Analysis
Your new database functionality empowers you to segment your customer and prospect data in as many ways as you can imagine, as well as to analyse and cross-match data from across your organisation.
Highly Targeted Direct Marketing
Precise target groups can be identified and picked from the database in minutes using intuitive drag-and-drop technology. Datafiles can be extracted in the appropriate format for direct mail, e-marketing or telemarketing.
Closing The Loop
Telemarketing responses and views, click-throughs and unsubscribes from e-marketing campaigns are automatically fed back into the marketing database. The enhanced data significantly increases your ability to market and re-market to ever more precise target groups.