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View of Kota Restaurant B&B in Porthleven, Cornwall.KOTA Restaurant is conveniently located within the historic fishing village of Porthleven. It is situated in a prime position benefiting from views of the harbour and further out to sea.
The restaurant part of the building was constructed in the late 1700's and the reception area is over 100 years old.

The building, one of the oldest in Porthleven, was originally built as an ancient corn-grinding mill with its wheel turned by a stream. The waterway still flows through the Methleigh Valley today.

Read Jay Rayner's glowing review of Kota Restaurant in the Guardian.

During the 1880's Mr John Wills started one of the most successful horse drawn bus companies in the area, with two hour excursions to Penzance. About a dozen horses were kept in a barn at the back. The funding of the venture came from the proceeds of Mr Will's mining in the United States of America. The building was to stay in the Will's family for 85 years. Later it was used as a mechanical workshop and filling station until 1965 when it was converted into the Granary Restaurant.

Wherever possible food is locally sourced including Cornish wines and cheeses.

Kota RestaurantJude and Jane are not new to the catering business having run their own restaurants in other locations before moving to the Smoke House, located on the harbour side at Porthleven. It wasn't long before the Smoke House became very popular with locals and visitors alike.

When the opportunity arose Jude and Jane's enthusiasm to expand could not be contained so the transfer of Critchards to Kota (Maori for shell fish) created another step in the history of the building and the fishing village.

Over the years my wife and I dined many times at Critchards it being one of our favourite haunts. Naturally curiosity got the better of us and as soon as Jude and Jane opened for business we booked a table.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as did all the others dining at Kotas that evening. Every table in the house was occupied. The atmosphere lifted the spirits and could not be faulted nor could the service or the food.

Kota RestaurantThis restaurant will, without doubt, appear in the same publications as Critchards once did. Kota standards are extremely high and we certainly look forward to our next visit.

Whenever an occasion for celebration arises, Joan and I select a local restaurant within Porthleven. All are within walking distance so we can share a bottle of wine (or two).

This year, to celebrate my 60th birthday, I selected Kota. It is perfectly situated at the harbour head with views overlooking the boats in the harbour.

Kota is owned and run by a husband and wife team. Jane is a friendly bubbly blonde who has a natural talent for creating the right atmosphere in the restaurant whilst the chef, husband Jude, is confined to the kitchen.

Jude has a passion for food with an imagination to match. His creations are both pleasing to the eyes and the taste buds. With a selection of starters, main courses and sweets being supported by a comprehensive wine list, there is something for everyone.

Wherever possible food is locally sourced including Cornish wines and cheeses. Thanks to Jane and Jude, Joan and I enjoyed an excellent evening.

Kota Restaurant B&B,
Harbour Head, Porthleven,
Cornwall. TR13 9AQ
Tel: +44(0)1326 562407.


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